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    Our providers have the most competitive rates and even flat fee options for some. Get the lowest rates.

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Lowest Rates + Less Fees + Highest FPRR

  • Significantly reduce your outstanding A/R
  • Client's contact us NOT you about billing
  • Processing to major insurance companies
  • Complete Follow-Up on Unpaid Claims
  • Patient Billing and Collections
  • Secondary and Tertiary Claims Submission
  • Claims Data Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • Encounter form and report design
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Expertise in Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Continuing Education & Training Office Personnel
  • Form development
  • We will help reduce your paper work.

  • Medical Billing Rate Comparison

    The Best Rates

    Let us show you the true rate comparisons. You will see and choose the lowest rate. Rates from 3-7%* mean more profit for your practice..

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    Medical Billing Customer Service Claims

    Training Office Personnel

    Friendly, knowledgable, and up front support for you every time. All your questions answered with the shortest wait times in the industry.

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    Medical Billing Rates

    The Best First Pass Rates

    Get the service with the lowest resubmission and highest FPRR in your field now. Efficiency for more profit and more time for your patients.

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    HIPPA Compliant Medical Billing

    HIPPA Compliance

    HIPAA guidelines apply to any and all patient information. Our providers understand and emphasize privacy every day so as to never jeopordize your paients privacy or your practice.

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    Unpaid Medical Billing Process

    Unpaid Claims Follow-Up

    Thorough and regular follow-up on unpaid claims will result in fewer losses and more revenue. Our providers make the extra effort to resolve every situation for your bottom line.

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    Medical Billing For Workers Comp

    Workers' Comp Experts

    The billing procedure for workers' comp consists of filing the claim, patient treatment and processing the claim. Familiarity with the process assures you the fastest payment.

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    Lower fees and the highest FPRR are some of the reasons to compare our billing service providers now.

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